Battling the Wind and Waves on the Sea of Commerce

Publication: April 28, 2022

Battling the Wind and Waves on the Sea of Commerce is the last volume of the historical – love fiction trilogy, Sailing across the Red Storm Trilogy, of modern Chinese history. Through a riveting representation of the historical journey of the nation and the personal struggles of its characters, this trilogy describes the darkest and brightest pages in modern Chinese history; a harsh and lifeless winter, a warm spring filled with vitality and hope, and a flourishing hot summer.

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Battling the Wind and Waves on the Sea of Commerce

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I am a retired university lecturer, living in Southampton. Apart from writing, I practice Chinese medicine and teach Tai Chi and Qing Gong.

Based on my own experience, I have written and published a historical-romance trilogy, Sailing across the Red Storm, which describes panoramically the great changes in China in the last half century from 1960s to 2010s. Covering the darkest and brightest pages in modern Chinese history, the books show how China has changed from a dictatorial and poor country during the Cultural Revolution to a dynamic and prosperous modern country, the second largest economic power in the world. It is a compelling historical fiction with a moving love story. From my books, readers will know more about Chinese history and culture.
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John Xiao Zhang

John Xiao Zhang was born in 1949 in northeast China. He suffered greatly during the Cultural Revolution in 1960s to 1970s. After he finished his university in 1980s, he worked as a lecture in Beijing Language University. He travelled to U.K in 1988 to study for a Ph.D. degree at Southampton University. Since then he worked as a lecturer and freelance writer. He was a well-known Shakespeare scholar and published some books and many articles on Shakespeare, English literature, Chinese literature and culture. In recent years, he has published a compelling historical-romance fiction trilogy, which has been commented on highly by the readers from different countries.