Battling the Wind and Waves on the Sea of Commerce
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781803131269

Battling the Wind and Waves on the Sea of Commerce

April 28, 2022

Battling the Wind and Waves on the Sea of Commerce is the last volume of the historical – love fiction trilogy, Sailing across the Red Storm Trilogy, of modern Chinese history. Through a riveting representation of the historical journey of the nation and the personal struggles of its characters, this trilogy describes the darkest and brightest pages in modern Chinese history; a harsh and lifeless winter, a warm spring filled with vitality and hope, and a flourishing hot summer.

In Volume 1, Sailing across the Red Storm, the main character experiences the catastrophe of the Cultural Revelation; in Volume 2, Floating and Sinking on the Sea of Officialdom, he enters into the political arena and carries out political and economic reforms. In this volume, he becomes a businessman, participating in market competition and bravely fighting against corrupt officials and profiteers.

Readers will be able to witness how China creates an economic miracle over the course of 30 years after the 1980s and becomes the second largest economic power in the world, in spite of the various social issues that the country still suffers from. Like the first two volumes, this book is a compelling historical fiction with a moving love story.

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A captivating and compelling read from start to finish

Diana Chierchia

Having devoured books one and two, I was full of great expectation for the third novel in this trilogy and waited with huge anticipation for its release. With a third novel, as with a second, it is a challenge to be as good as the sequel and prequel. However, I was not disappointed.

The prologue was a helpful summary of the previous two books and, within a few pages, I was back with the characters - living their lives alongside them. John’s talent is to skilfully and subtly blend historical facts and events with the characters’ lives and loves – making every page compelling. The descriptions are so detailed that events are brought to life and, as you read, you are living the characters’ journeys with them as though you are actually in China.

Throughout the book, I felt part of the characters’ lives whilst learning about China’s colourful and interesting history. The twists and turns in the plot kept me hooked; I just wanted to keep on reading and I was upset when I got to the end! An incredibly captivating read - I cannot recommend this book, and books one and two, highly enough. Thank you, John, for taking me on a wonderful journey of China’s past through the lives of your intriguing and fascinating characters.