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ISBN: 9781838592547
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Feb. 28, 2020

Just as A Tale of Two Cities portrayed the French Revolution and Doctor Zhivago the Russian Revolution, Sailing across the Red Storm is a deeply moving tale set during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. A love story in the Romeo and Juliet style, this compelling historical novel recounts the suffering and ordeals of a handsome and talented young man, together with his lovers, friends and family, throughout the cataclysm of this revolution. Overcoming these trials, they gain strength from love, friendship and self-sacrifice; they bravely overcome hardship and suffering, striving for hope and a brighter future.  

Through rich character portrayal and meticulous description, the readers will gain a panoramic view of this huge historic event and insight not only into this turbulent era, but also into the strength of humanity as it shines brightest in the darkness through a period of great terror and misery. Both epic in scope and personal in detail this novel will give a much greater understanding in the West of the momentous time that made up the Cultural Revolution in China.

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Feedback to Sailing across the Red Storm

Diana from Amazon

One of the best books I have read in a long time!
This is one of the best books that I have read in a very long time! The author cleverly succeeds in the finding the perfect balance between informing the reader about the Chinese Cultural Revolution but without making it too 'heavy' or tricky to plough through. The level of detail and rich character development are excellent; it was difficult to put the book down! I loved the historical details, which opened by eyes, combined with the relationship themes running throughout the book. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. My family members are now reading it too.

comment on my first book, Sailing across the Red Storm

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A historical novel with a moving romance and more. Do not recall having come around to read a novel of romance since my teens. One with the Cultural Revolution background (1966 - 1976) makes the novel so much more interesting and worth reading, The reading brings back fond memories. The love story is beautiful, beautiful, it is an enchanting subtlety. The two lovers have been giving to each other from beginning to end, love of the two can stand the test of time but not the deep rooted traditions and culture. This is unlike the father and daughters in the Fiddler on the Roof musical which sets the stage in Russia around 1905, and wherein the father finally giving blessings to his two daughters who flouted tradition making their own marriage match. The settings were in different places, and it was 60 years apart, yet it still occurs to me most Chinese are still more traditional to our culture than others. Well, there is no right or wrong. The use of English is superb, and the vocabulary extensive. It is not always an easy job to write Chinese traditions in English, there are times when it is truly difficult to explain the culture when there can be no equivalent elsewhere. This is certainly not a problem with the author. The novel ends where it should, but as a reader, I somehow ironically wish it could go on.